The card game, in which mind games and bluffing are key, has become a new benchmark for artificial intelligence research.

Computers have beaten human world champions at chess and, earlier this year, the board game Go.

So far, though, they have struggled at the card table. So we challenged one AI to a game.

Why is poker so difficult? Chess and Go are “information complete” games where all players can see all the relevant information.

In poker, other players’ cards are hidden, making it an “information incomplete” game. Players have to guess opponents’ hands from their actions – tricky for computers.

Poker has become a new benchmark for AI research. Solving poker could lead to breakthroughs in all sorts of real life scenarios, from cybersecurity to driverless cars.

Scientists believe it is only a matter of time before AI once again vanquishes humans, hence our human-machine match-up in a game of Texas Hold’Em Limit Poker.

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