Computer and Laptop Repairs

What we do

Tameside Computers can resolve a number of common issues that you maybe having.  These can be done on either laptops or computers. An engineer will come and collect your computer or laptop and repair the issue at their offices In Tameside.  These include:

Virus removal

Windows Corruption

Data Recovery

Memory Upgrades

Common Reasons For Repair

Below is some common issues we come across on a day to day basis which can be easily rectified. If your issue isn’t on the list then please don’t despair give us a call and challenge us to fix your laptop or computer.

Screen Damage

If your screen on your laptop or device has been cracked or damage then do not despair we can fix it for you. We can take it away and replace the screen and have it back to you in no time.

Case Damage

Laptops have allowed us to take our computers everywhere we go. This has opened the world of technology and made it mobile. The wear and tear on a laptop can cause it to crack or discolour. This can easily be fixed by Tameside Computers just give us a call and we will arrange collection and have it fixed in no time.

Keyboard Stickiness

Overtime your keyboard can begin to stick or the letters can wear off. Tameside Computers can replace or fix a sticky or worn keyboard and have your laptop or computer back to you in no time.

Soaked Laptop

Water damage is a common problem among laptops. These can be repaired or we can recover all the data/ information that is on the laptop and transfer it onto another device.

Crashed Hard Drive

Another panic inducing moment is the one where your hard disk crashes. Again, the odds are in favor of your data being recoverable and your laptop restorable back to factory condition.

Data Port Failure

Data ports can easily be repaired or replaced by a qualified technician. Don’t give up hope for your laptop if one or more of these cease to function – the external component can easily be replaced.

Battery Life Problems

If your battery can’t keep a charge, it can be reconditioned or replaced. You may even be able to upgrade to a more powerful battery pack that will give you a longer usage time than the original.

Computer Running Slow

There are a lot of reasons your computer could be performing sluggishly. A qualified repair center can easily identify programs causing a problem and clean up your system to perform faster and more efficiently.

Computer Freezing

Some of the same issues that make a computer run slowly can also cause it to freeze and make you keep forcing a reboot. Again, a full cleanup and defragmentation can put you back in control.

DC Jack Mangled

Sometimes you just need a power cord. Broken, cut or frayed cords can be repaired or replaced to avoid hazards.

CD or DVD Drive Jammed

It can be frustrating to have a CD or DVD you need to play and the drive keeps jamming or the disk refuses to play.


This usually indicates that a fan has died or isn’t working efficiently. Fans can be replaced or cleaned and repaired.

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