One in four people in the UK are forced to use their mobile data to counteract terrible home Wi-Fi coverage. A study revealed that 40% of Britons are now using mobile data at home out of habit, while one in seven have home Wi-Fi that’s too slow to meet their streaming needs.

The data is from a poll commissioned by mobile network analysis firm Global Wireless Solutions, which recently unveiled the extent of mobile phone black spots in the home and on London’s busiest train lines.Of 2,000 UK adults polled, 16% said that while they were able to connect mobile devices to their home network, the connection was so slow that they typically used mobile data instead.

Meanwhile, 13% said they never connect their mobile devices to their home network.The poll also revealed that bedrooms are often the worst rooms in British houses for Wi-Fi, followed by kitchens and then living rooms.

Combined with GWS’s recent study on mobile phone black spots in the home, this paints a sorry picture for the state of Britain’s internet. GWS analysed 4G signals inside and outside more than 50 London homes, and found that Three and EE were the least reliable for 4G coverage indoors.

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