Children are leading “increasingly digital lives” with smartphone and tablet ownership on the rise, new research suggests.


On average, schoolkids aged between five and 15 years old are online for about 15 hours each week – an hour and 18 minutes more than last year.

That is bad news for the old-fashioned telly, with viewing times tumbling to 13 hours and 36 minutes a week – a decrease of an hour and 14 minutes.

Stay-at-home father and author of Dad Rules, Andrew Clover, said of the data: “I don’t think it is a wholly positive thing.

“I certainly would much rather they were out climbing trees, flying kites, riding horses and being children,” he told Sky News.

“I think that the main difference in the last year, is that roughly an hour-and-a-half more time which had been spent watching TV is now being spent online.

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