Mobile users of a certain age have been getting very excited on social media about the return of this sturdy, reliable handset.

If you were in the market for a new phone in the year 2000, then the 3310 may have been on your wish-list.

It may seem unlikely in the world of Android and iPhones that anyone would want a 17-year-old handset that was best known for playing Snake, but the experts believe there is a place in the market.

Many smartphone users complain about their handset’s battery and this could prove the main selling point for users.

“What an interest in the 3310 does show us though is that battery life is still a major concern for consumers, and one that’s not being well-addressed by some smart phones, namely the iPhone,” Elizabeth Varley, founder and CEO of tech community TechHub, tells Newsbeat.

And let’s not forget, when Adele revealed the video for Hello back in 2015, she was seen in it making a call on a retro flip phone – not a smart device.