Traditionally, workstation PCs are hulking great towers, but that’s becoming increasingly not the case these days, and indeed HP’s latest effort in this arena is a very compact box – the smallest workstation ever, in fact.

Looking more like a home theatre PC you might slip in your living room, the third-generation HP Z2 Mini Workstation offers plenty of power inside an enclosure which measures 215mm squared, and 58mm tall, which as the company notes makes it 90% smaller than a traditional business tower PC.

Designed for CAD users who want a more elegant looking solution to sit on their desk – or indeed, the device can be hidden away and mounted under the desk, or behind a monitor – the Z2 Mini G3 offers Intel Xeon processors and Nvidia Quadro M620 graphics.

It can be configured with Windows 10 Pro or Linux, and HP’s Z Turbo Drive to enable nippy handling of bulky files. HP claims that it’s twice as powerful as any mini PC currently on the market, and further notes it can drive six displays out of the box.