Many people, us included, are eager to get their hands on the Nintendo Switch, the hybrid home/handheld console coming next March – and an unscrupulous ‘beta’ scheme is preying on them.

Following the console’s reveal in October, Nintendo has remained traditionally stoic regarding its new hardware, saying only that more details – such as specifications, price, and release date – will be revealed in January.

For fans desperate for more information, though, they run the risk of falling foul of web scams. In particular, an elaborate scheme purportedly offering early beta access to the Nintendo Switch has appeared online.

Victims targeted by the scam are being directed to the sites or, and asked to enter their email address. Both are professional looking sites, complete with embedded videos and legitimate looking branding. This is particularly insidious given Nintendo’s wide appeal with younger gamers who may not be savvy enough to realise the scam.

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